Worldventures Biz: Pros And Cons Of Travel Giant MLM

Published: 06th April 2010
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Howdy World! Or perhaps I should say WORLDVENTURES! That's right. This Travel based direct sales company is taking the MLM world by storm. Big numbers, big revenues, and hopefully bigger paychecks. I did a sizeable amount of research to check ou the pros and cons.

First off, Worldventures is a lifestyle company veiled in a travel MLM business opportunity (which is certainly not a bad thing). Worldventures biz opportunity combines the massive reach of the internet with modern day network marketing. This killer combo has helped the company push out some over the top results in the few short years since they first launched in 2005.

As grandiose as the company and their pay plan may seem, here are 4 things you should probably know if you intend to launch a Worldventures biz:

1) Biz Packages - First, there are a couple of ways to get your feet wet with Worldventures. You can start as an independent consultant with either the "Dream Trips Membership" or the "Leisure Travel Consultant Package", LTC for short. These both have slight differences in the way you get paid and what you ultimatly have access to. Right now, you can get started with a one-time set up fee of $199 and a recurring fee of either $29 or $49 depending on which package you choose. Either way, the set-up fee is SUPER LOW which puts a smile on my face (and your face too hopefully).

2) 90/90 RULE - Hmmm? a WHAT RULE? The 90/90 rule states that you must have a minimum of 90 distributors in each leg of your binary structure to earn residual income. In plain English, that means you GOTTA have at least 90 people per side to get PAID residually in your Worldventures Biz. That seems like a pretty tall order considering that most people in MLM only sponsor 2-3 people on average in their lifetime. SORRY? It's an industry statistic. I didn't make it up. Don't hate on me. Moral of the story is this: I hope you have a killer way to generate MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF LEADS.

3) Marketing System - I have to admit, Worldventures put together some pretty nifty (meaning "Hi-Tech") video, training and marketing tools. But there's just ONE SMALL PROBLEM. The primary marketing plan still teaches people to promote the company. Any serious modern day network marketer knows that people join your biz opp because of you, not JUST YOUR COMPANY. So how does Worldventures work in the ability to help you PROMOTE YOU? How does Worldventures help you BRAND YOU? Ohhh? whoops. They DON'T?

4) 97% FAILURE RATE - That's right ladies and gentlemen. 97% of network marketers NEVER make it. I know? so sad but so true. That's because 97% of network marketers don't have any clue how to market effectively. Worldventures gives you a ton of great tools like any reputable network marketing company should. But how are you going to PROMOTE YOU? What happens if the company goes under? Who gets to keep your book of business that you built with your blood, sweat and tears? I hope you have a good answer for this one.

All said and done, Worldventures biz opportunity is an awesome MLM. The company's top producers are making a killing and you can too if you apply yourself. Just remember, the name of the game is MARKETING. Afterall, the second word in "Network Marketing" is MARKETING. You must master the art of marketing online and if you can pull that off, you can bring home the bacon and eat it too. Unless of course you're a vegetarian.

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