USANA Marketing - How To Explode Your USANA Downline With A Rocket Fueled Lead System

Published: 26th February 2010
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I truly believe that USANA's products are just plain AWESOME. But the current USANA marketing plan is definitely outdated and could use a serious makeover. In this article, I will reveal the single most powerful USANA marketing strategy that you will absolutely need in your arsenal to explode your USANA business in the 21st century and attract new distributors to you like bees to honey.

Dr. Wentz, the founder and creator of USANA created a world class product line and network marketing opportunity. So if you're like most USANA distributors, you love the products and you love the idea of earning residual income and building a successful USANA business. But let me ask you a quick question, "How many new distributors are you personally sponsoring into your USANA business each month?"

And how do most USANA reps go about teaching their new recruits how to build the business? The vast majority of new distributors are taught to go after their family, friends and even remote acquaintances. Most people in fact are taught to recruit anybody with a pulse. This "old school" and outdated form of recruiting can lead to loads of rejection and disappointment.

You seriously should question anyone who isn't leveraging the power of the internet to build their MLM business. The internet is unquestionably the most powerful tool on the planet for attracting massive rivers of traffic, leads and prospects to your USANA business. Why not tap into it? Why not use it to your advantage?

Here are a couple of things you need to understand:

1) As the economy worsens, more and more people are turning to the internet looking for income opportunities.

2) There are currently over 200,000 people each week joining a home based business.

These numbers speak for themselves. With this HUGE onslaught of people turning to the internet, you MUST consider getting fully skilled in the art of lead generation by using the internet. Essentially, you need to get the proper education and seek to become a master of online marketing strategies for the purpose of lead generation. Can you imagine receiving leads one after the other as they spill into your inbox by the dozens with hot prospects asking about your USANA business?

Let's be honest here. Would you rather get rejected by family and friends as you attempt to recruit them into your business, or would you rather have hot prospects, peaked and ready, CALLING YOU to discuss your USANA opportunity? Hmmm... I think that's an easy one.

Gratefully, we have the internet and you can leverage this powerful tool to attract endless leads and distributors to your USANA business... just as soon as you implement a lead generation system. There are several systems available to drive traffic to your business.

In order for you to truly receive the full benefits of lead generation, the lead system that you implement should allow you to do several things:

First off, a well designed lead system should give you the ability to brand yourself. Any well designed lead system should give you the ability to promote YOU, not a replicated website. In the end, the vast majority of people don't join MLM companies for the company and the products by them themselves. The truth is, people join MLM opportunities because of who introduced them. Basically, people join MLM's because of other PEOPLE.

Secondly, a lead system should provide top notch training. Anything that can help you shave years off the learning curve is in my opinion well worth the extra investment. With all the various marketing strategies available today like viral marketing, video marketing, article marketing , Google Pay-Per-Click and so on, it is critical that you seek out the best training that you can find. A rock-solid lead system should allow for growth and stimulate your education with cutting edge strategies and tools that you simply can't do without to maximize your results.

Third of all, a well designed lead system should give you plenty of options when it comes to customizing your own lead capture pages. In case you're new to online marketing strategies, a lead capture page is your own website that give you the ability to capture the information of people visiting your website (i.e. names and email addresses) so you can continue to market to that list. This is called list building. As you grow your list and collect names and email addresses, you can continue to market to your targeted audience with automated email response systems such as Aweber or Get Response.

These are the fundamental components of a lead system that can dramatically improve your results and your chance of success. I hope this information provides you with the knowledge needed for you to evaluate the lead systems on the market that can absolutely help you dominate your USANA business!

Kai Pei Is A Master Of Online Lead Generation Strategies. To Learn How Kai Pei's USANA Marketing Overview Can Help You Bridge The Gap From Zero To Hero In Your USANA Business With The Most Explosive USANA Lead Generation System On The Planet, Click Here: USANA Lead Machine

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