4Life Research: A Critical Third Party Review

Published: 30th December 2009
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4Life Research is a network marketing company that provides health products like 4Life Transfer Factor created specifically to support the immune system. David and Bianca Lisonbee founded the company in 1998.

In addition, 4Life Research provides a business opportunity and top notch pay structure with healthy bonuses and perks for top distributors within a network marketing business model.

even though I am not at present a 4Life Research distributor, I would like to offer this 4Life Research review so you'll be able to decide whether or not this business opportunity is a good fit for you.

Let's discuss the details of the product and the income opportunity based on my research'

Product Information

4Life Transfer Factor is the company's most popular product that provides all of the health benefits that are passed along in breast milk to a nursing infant during its early development.

Transfer factors are special molecules that provide immune information to one's immune system for unmatched defense. 4Life's products are the outcome of more than 50 years of scientific exploration at a hefty cost of more than $40 million dollars.


' 4life Research offers unique and world patented products.

' 4Life Research provides more than 75 products for the health oriented as well as products developed definitively for pets and elderly care.

' A 30 day money back guarantee is offered with every product.

' The 4Life business opportunity offers a lucrative pay plan to its distributors that can market the products as well as recruit others to do the same.

' Top producers get rewards and bonuses including free trips abroad.


' In order to generate some serious cash flow, you'll have to crank out a minimum amount of sales to receive commissions and bonuses.

' The company's products are not approved by the FDA which could make for some interesting challenges.

' Keep in mind, the product's health benefits are aimed at the long term without any immediately gratifying and visible results.


With its patent formulas, 4Life Research is definitely on the leader board in terms of product quality. 4Life's pay plan can be very profitable if you're willing to get to work.

However, 4Life Research's gameplan in terms of marketing is based on outdated methods like cold calling and recruiting friends and family. Let's be honest, unless you have a huge circle of influence with people that are willing to do anything at your beck and call, you may find it somewhat of a challenge to sponsor distributors at a noticeable pace.

Here's something to consider...

The internet is your best friend. Online marketing is by far the fastest and most powerful way to explode your MLM business. That being said, you need to figure out a way to brand yourself.

To sum it up, YOU need a proven strategy to promote YOU.

In today's online environment, you need to utilize proven online marketing strategies to explode your MLM success and rise to the top of your organization on autopilot.

You also need to target the right audience.

Wouldn't you agree that it's totally ridiculous to exploit your family and friends when there are literally millions of people turning to the internet to find an MLM business to join?

You can dominate your 4Life business and jet to the top of your company in record time. All you need to do is take action and find a mentor who can supply you with the most current and cutting edge tools and training.

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